Video: A conversation with Nevin Aladağ about the relationship between art and music in her videos and sculptures

Nevin Aladağ / Sven Beckstette

In the second part of the Volkswagen ART4ALL Online Edition podcast series on the relationship between art and music, Nevin Aladağ discusses some of her videos and sculptures. The starting point for the conversation is her video Voice Over (2006) in the collection of the Nationalgalerie, which will soon be featured in the exhibition Magical Soup. In this video, for the first time Aladağ made nature play instruments such as a harmonica and a drum-kit, a technique the artist expanded upon in her three-channel video installation, Session (2013). Aladağ has been designing unusual sculptures containing elements of musical instruments since 2014. These can be played by musicians, which interrelates the visual and acoustic forms.

Find the conversation here.